Elephant on a High Wire

There is grace and then there is me. Typically, over the years, if there is something to trip over, I’ve exhibited a predictable tendency to find it. But progress is sometimes where you never expect to find it.

I’ve been taking classes at the local Bikram Yoga studio for the past six months or so. That is the class where you are in the room heated to 105. So, in addition to bending yourself into semi-possible positions, you are also melting slowly. For whatever reason, it works for me. I’m not terribly good at it, not real smooth, but you don’t have to be. You are guided through the class, not harangued. That alone probably keeps me off any bicycle where there is someone at the front of the room barking at me through a head set.

Anyhoo, I go and I muddle through a couple times of week or more and it helps. The past few weeks have been a bit of train wreck with both jobs requiring more of my attention. So, my attendance got a little irregular and that can mess you up a little or sometimes help. The folks at Evolation really make it easy and make sure you are taking care of you first and foremost.

Last night, it helped. I sailed right along and I noticed a first for me. Somebody was watching me to see how some things were done. He may have been looking to make sure he “does it better than that,” but I’m going with he was checking to see how it was done. Power to the back row (where I stay) dwellers! That is a bit of a breakthrough for me. In grade school kickball, my best position was broadcaster.

Get your silver linings where you can folks


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