Rocked the Vote

but it was early and the vote didn’t want to get out of bed.

It was dark when I left the apartment this morning and after a season of buzzwords, character assassination, half truths, and pundits searching for something to say, we’re there. It’s time to vote.

I did at the not so lovely hour of 7:30 this morning. In what is probably one of the more important mid-term elections in recent memory, the biggest thing gnawing at me is a nostalgia for the old-school level-operated machines.

In an era where candidates have treated both voters and opposition with nothing but contempt, I’m mostly glad to have this almost done. I had my DVR working overtime so I’ll have Top Gear and Blue Bloods to come home to while local wannabe pundits try to sound like Chuck Todd and Chuck Todd tries to sound like Tim Russert.

Hopefully, we’re done hearing how “I run this state/county/city like a business” and “I’m an outsider” or “I’ll clean up (insert city/government)” or even my personal favorite “I’ll reform the way city/county/state government operates. The total metric poundage amount of trees that gave their lives so candidates can slander each other via glossy mailing pieces has to be an impressive number by this point.

The one unifying thing seems to be the unspoken contempt that those running for office seem to have for those of us doing the electing. I doubt Nancy Pelosi could find Buffalo with a GPS and flashlight, yet Brian Higgins’ opponent was so desperate for material, he (I think) incorporated the current speaker into an ad in an attempt to slander Congressman Higgins.

It’s a Battle Royale for votes and not a whole lot else. No one person can change the world by themselves in a short time span. That what galls me when Reps. Boehner and McConnell say the GOP plan is to make the sure the President is a one termer. Then what? A lot of what they are railing against started with President Bush. The President has been overly busy with keeping the “pieces” in place.

On a more local level, I got it that Jack Quinn and Tim Kennedy aren’t going out for drinks soon, but I’d be curious as to what either has planned and what is their respective numbers in line waiting for an audience with Sheldon Silver.

Already, the morning news shows have started in with the referendum on the President/Sarah Palin/Tea Party talk and I don’t believe it is any of those things. It is a lot to think about, only nobody is doing that.

The results mean something, the analysis is just people guessing. It’s like speculators talking about oil prices. A mention gets things hopping, but the ends still are the same.

Be an insider, know your way around the Beltway, make Albany work, dare to be great or at the very least, make all the insulting crap we’ve been force-fed by candidates, campaigns, and media outlets worth something.

In the meantime, I still miss the levers. Voting today felt like putting my ATM card in the machine and not getting it back.


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