Street of Fire

The boxed set. I’ve picked up a few in my time, when it is something special (Clapton’s Crossroads, David Bowie’s Sound & Vision), but Tuesday brings the release of the 30th anniversary remastered Darkness on the Edge of Town from Bruce Springsteen. It’s a fine record in its own right, one of my favorites. I’ve never been one for DVD extras as the movie has always been the thing. This has a complete concert from the 78 tour, a video performance of the original album, plus two albums worth of songs recorded back in the day that didn’t make the original record. Now, sometimes, that is for a reason.

Sounds like a nice package, and sap that I am, I’m sure it will be mine, but the $100 price tag seems a little steep so, I don’t care how nice the booklet is, I think this guy is waiting for a sale. In the meantime,

Streets of Fire (Live at The Paramount Theatre),t=1,mt=video
Bruce Springsteen | Myspace Music Videos


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