The 400th Verse

Here it be, another imaginary milestone, significant only in that 400 posts sound a lot more official than, well, 399. A few bon mots are rattling around my brain, so here is as good place as any to unburden.

The social media consultancy business must be lucrative as more people are getting into it. Given my job, if I can get to the supermarket in 3 impromptu marketing meetings or less these days, I’m doing okay. Other people swap kid pictures by the frozen foods. I avoid the craft beer section to submarine yet another FBML discussion with the guy who thinks he can fix what’s wrong with the page I’ve made for my employer. Is he right? Dear readers, (all 4 of you), you can be the judge.

I love the forum of social media, especially working for a not-for-profit. I try to be an early adopter of these things to see if there is a value that can be appropriated to further my cause. I’ve been working on a blog for those who want to accessibility of the Facebook page. It isn’t ready yet, but those are the tip of the iceburg. In this area, attitudes are kind of quaint and more than a little snobbish. I don’t believe any one medium is the key to anything, but there is nothing wrong with having a few more low or no cost avenues for getting the word out.

While Twitter and Facebook have become great avenues for getting a message out, of carrying on a conversation with our audience. There are some other options out there I’m not sold on, yet. While launching an “app” for my employer, I heard some folks dismiss twitter. While you aren’t going to hear socratic wisdom discussed in those feeds, messages do indeed get out and notes do get passed. I mention this as I try find where exactly I feel about four square. I play along a little, to see what it can do other than help me find a couple of fellow bloggers at a Buffalo Spree function.

Like any application, you can accumulate people based on people you’ve already accumulated. For reasons passing understand, the Colorado Transportation Authority wants to follow me on Four Square. Imagine the disappointment when they’ve find out that I’ve never been there, so that might limit my ability to check in on places of interest to them.

So, it is the digital version of direct mail campaigns I guess. Considering this region has people reading their papers entirely online, some cling to the Sunday tradition (that would be me) and others still kicking it old school with daily hard copies, it is good to be able to add another club to the bag.


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