Channel Surfing

I was watching my DVR‘ed version of House from Monday evening when the crawl came across the screen about how I might lose this channel if Time Warner and Sinclair Broadcasting by January 1st. It’s not the last thing to get hysterical about, but it is pretty close.

I was a cable employee the last time these sides did battle and because they need each other, I’m sure an agreement will be reached. You sort of wish they could do it without all the line in the sand nonsense that pervades the talking. The customer has very little to do with all of this, as do the local folks on either side as the two principals are corporate giants for whom Buffalo is just one spot.

Because WUTV is billed as Fox 29, that creates some unusual inquiries too. During the last battle, I had finished a long day at the cable store in Amherst (that’s what they call them, really!), and stopped off at my neighborhood convenience store for a couple of things. The clerk noticed my employee lanyard and immediately wondered if Fox 29 is going off the air, does “that mean we are losing FX as well?”

Unnecessary angst takes place where it is just television. One thing the disclaimer on WUTV is missing is a note that the dish companies have the same issue and have to talk with channels too.

Despite what it says in the paper this morning, “Glee” isn’t going anyplace. This will get done, always does, just be patient and tune out the histrionics.


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