Falling Leafs

Walking the beat in Section 314-313, there were a few hundred stories in the naked section. When I took the above photo, there was a sense of optimism in the building. When the refs didn’t see the Pittsburgh player (I forget who) cover the puck up with his glove in the crease optimism left the building faster that the hot dog vendor prepping for post game outside. Now, the Leafs are in town, good time for the boys to get healthy. And I got the call again to come on down.

So, getting paid to watch the Maple Leafs lose, trade wisecracks with visiting Toronto fans, there’s good times. We can only hope the Sabres find some offense tonight. I mean, if I got to wear a tie, I’d like to be entertained, is that so wrong?

Like the 300s, easy duty the other night, somehow I got feeling moonlight with the animated Leafs fans might be more colorful


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