Beating Toronto…again

After reading about the Bills’ struggles with the Patriots, it is fun to think about that the Sabres can count on the Leafs to give them somebody to get healthy on. The home team was good enough to win in my second straight usher start. That part was interesting as I worked one of the lower levels and did apparently well with it. There is a different atmosphere in the arena during Leafs games as Leaf fans snarf up tickets for Buffalo because of the costs of seeing their boys at home.  I had a little bit of everything to deal with tonight, from first aid calls to wheelchair deliveries to nearly taking out a alumni but cutting through the wrong door. If it wasn’t for the home team getting a horn sounding when they scored, it would have been hard to know who was winning if you were passively listening. A few sections had a few fans more “animated” than I, but I took it has a compliment that one of the regular ticket holders liked my handiwork.

That shot, courtesy yahoo, went in. Folks went home happy. I went home muttering about everybody who gets dowy eyed about the first snow of the season, trouble is with is that roads are filled with people awed at the first snow of the season. It was snowing hard, not a forceful snow, but what came down hurt when it hit you downtown. The walk to the arena was about as windy a stroll as you could want and the added bonus of the pelting snow wasn’t really necessary. I discovered that true function of the Skyway. It served as a car port for me, keeping me from having to do the first scraping of the car of the season. Coming up Delaware, a Blazer kept fish tailing in the untreated street. I being no fool, pulled over to avoid any issues.

My car re-earned my affection for its adherence to the road.

The post game beer at home was well earned.

Toronto, beaten for the 16th time in 19 tries, somewhere Punch Imlach is smiling.


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