Higher Ground

is a lonely place. Sigh!

So, the Bush era tax cuts are getting fought about in Washington. President Obama is working on a deal that would reward the richest (who don’t really need the rewarding), but it would preserve current tax levels for the rest of us and extend unemployment for those who need it. Liberal Democrats hate that, Republicans love it. Me, I’m sort of meh about the whole thing. While I’m not wild about the way the far right wing Republicans dug their heels in about a not needed sticking point, haven’t we wanted them to all work together and get something done. It’s more than a little hypocritical I think to whine about this.  Democrats were carping about them not standing for anything other than blocking the President. Well, it isn’t a great thing to stand for, but at least there is the thread of something getting done. I don’t the the McConnells, Boehners, et.al. are really thinking it through. I would love for the President to be able to get the good to show them the virtue of all the obfuscating and bloviating that has been done on the GOP side. But sadly, the system doesn’t work that way.

On the West Wing television show, the great character, Leo McGarry, got to say the line about “part of being in power meant that everybody else has to take a seat for four years.”

If only it worked that way. I think that’s why those of us who loved that show’s early years valued it.

Pretty sure, we wouldn’t be this far with the upcoming congress. The high end tax cut is unneeded and crap, (Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Ted Turner all allowed as much, good for them), but if swallowing that can facilitate all the needed items, then I’m cool with it.

Sure, I want our leaders to accomplish something. We get nowhere if all our leaders do is sit and hold their breath until they get their way. How do you think John Boehner got to be that color anyway? Don’t the positives outweigh the already existing negatives.

It is a crappy bill to be sure, but I’m remembering about the people who need the aid will get it, not the folks who don’t need will continue receiving that. Needs of the many justifying the extras for the few and all that.

This is kind of how stuff used to get done — remember those days.

Tip O’Neill was no stranger to happy hours at the White House


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