Mr. Plow

This weather has side effects. Combine it with the holidays, and punch-drunkedness becomes an easy reach. Last night’s and this morning’s show meant my usual seven minute commute reached a new high of 44 minutes on the trip into work.

Caught sight of some joker in a pick-up truck fish tailing last night on my way home for the evening. I’m thinking that is God suggesting that you might want to slow down, else you are taking out your aggressions, like a certain bus driver.

One nebbish just posted on Facebook about how the temperature in Key West is 75….”just sayin.” Aside from that doing nobody who was stuck on the road this morning any good, I wonder if he considered that if you have to end a sentence with “just sayin,” there is a pretty good likelihood that it didn’t need to be said.

Al Roker tweeted about landing in Buffalo last night and the weather didn’t seem like that big a deal for Western New York. I tweeted back that he must of lost the office travel pool. It snows and is cold in Buffalo, that ain’t news. Our recent sudden ability to be bumfuzzled by that probably should be. It cracks me up that there is always a soundbite about how we pull together during the nasty weather (we do and it is great), and how that kind of implies other places don’t. I think we do to make sure you have a good supply of storm stories for the drinking that follows.

Ever notice for all the preaching about pickups, 4 x 4s, jeeps and “is it good in the snow?”, there is a high percentage of those very vehicles in the ditches and snowbanks.

If I receive a $1 from every tv personality who will use the phrase “Winter Wonderland” to describe the snow on their broadcasts this evening, I can run up pretty impressive bill at the nearest available watering hole (their money, so I’m not choosy).

I don’t mind the snow really, that is part of the four seasons of being here. What is worrisome that the guys who are supposed to remove it are seemingly having greater difficulty cleaning up. Past few storms have required an “examination of our procedures” or some other banality. I remember the Christmas storm where we got seven feet over the course of the time between christmas and New Year’s without so much as a platitude. It makes me wonder if the crews that made us all hubris laden have retired and the newer arrivals can’t match the predecessors.

Careful on the roads, and if you see a snowman in the street, honk first.


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