Holiday Cards & other Random notes

Tis the season for many things: congressional obfuscation, forced office fun, deciding what Christmas Carols need to stop being annual reoccurences, trying to manage the holiday on the cash I have instead of the credit I don’t.

So, there is much to be contemplated, like informing my lovely son that the song really isn’t called “Ding, fries are done!”

So, I have some things done, but I’ll be a last minute shopper and I’m fine with that as I won’t be a January debtor.

Speaking of which, I guess it is okay to run up the debt when you are greasing millionaires who are potential donors. It is a bit of contrast for me that the folks vilifying the President for the stimulus package not long ago are basically okay with a tax cut for the wealthiest americans for roughly the same amount. That is an imperfect bill, but compromise needs to happen on both sides to get stuff done. It just cracks me up what becomes priority and the many instances where our leaders are looking the other way.

Not sure why the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal is such a source of fear. Yes, it will shake up the troops. Pretty sure that happened before, when blacks and whites finally started serving together. The world’s homophobes need to get past the thought that gays and lesbians have one thing and one thing only on their minds. The older I get, I’m convinced it is the homophobes who have the one thing on their minds. As one of the folks in my twitter feed pointed out, the people against open service are the ones probably afraid of gay marriage too, how that will wreck that institution. Please, we waste so much time tossing pointless stones at one another. The military will endure, so will the various churches.

Oh, yeah, Congress, pass the damned Zadroga bill while you are at it. It really isn’t that tough and the grandstanding filibuster is pretty transparent. Don’t be running out the clock. I’m working a little on my christmas break and I don’t have your health care coverage.

Bypassing the actual mailing of christmas cards again this year, as it was a questionable expense. I think most of us do that to make sure the christmas cards keep coming. It’s pricy, and I guess not enviromentally sound either, but it was mostly the costs. I’m not a big guy for biblical type scripture, prefer to have a bit of a sense of humor over a time of year that permeates everything from thanksgiving till New Year’s and there doesn’t appear to be an inexpensive way to do that. I’d rather concentrate what funds I have on the really important things, like my son’s dental bill.

Got into a silly discussion about pop christmas carols with a cousin who is full for “Do They Know it’s Christmas?” getting overplayed. Much to my horror, there apparently was a sequel a few years ago which thankfully flopped. She raised a very valid point about pop christmas songs. There are not that many good ones. I mean if I could arrange to hear the Waitresses or the Payolas seasonal offerings ahead of Billy Squier or Brian Adams, I’d be a happy guy.

But, the tree will go up tomorrow after I break it out of the basement.

Ya’all realize that it still isn’t winter yet?