How I Spent my Winter Vacation

After a week away, I am a refreshed and energized Zoo marketing manager, looking forward to the challenges of the calendar year. Even brokered a couple of deals during the breather to stay trim. This is a good thing as I am one exhausted Arena usher. I have been moonlighting at the arena for events and service during the World Juniors Hockey Championship Tourney as me seeing the Sabres’ home ice like this.

It is an interesting event to be sure. It is fun to talk hockey, troubleshoot stuff. An international roundtable of your friendly neighborhood usher (me), a gentleman from Simcoe township, and a trio of chemically serene young fellows from Kitchner have addressed how Canada hasn’t played anybody yet, why Sam Hoyt was right, why Sam Hoyt was wrong, why wasn’t the rink at Buff State used for some games to regionalize the tourney into Elmwood which would have given the USA forward something to do other than to whine on twitter about how boring Buffalo is. Think about it, if you are 17 and marooned at the Adam’s Mark, it is pretty easy to be underwhelmed by the area.

Sure, he shouldn’t have said it, but we sure didn’t need to give it any heed.

We also decided that tripleheaders pose more problems than they are worth, that given the heavy passionate interest from Canada (for them, this is personal), perhaps the Canadian games should have dominated prime time, since that would keep more people in the building, thereby selling more souvenirs, more Labatts, and more souvenirs…and probably more higher priced ad time for the good people from TSN.

But you learn by doing and from where I sit, it’s been done pretty well all told. Changes got made to make the whole thing work and as the Swiss and Slovaks showed today, there is some good hockey to be had. There have been a lot of routs in what I’ve seen so far, which is occasionally fun, but if you are either getting routed or impartial, or just spent from a long day, you tend to think “Feh.”

Sure, I could have done with perhaps, a day less of this, and a decided decrease in the alcohol fueled shenanigans, but it has been a good event thus far, even if the local beer distributors are the ones making out. I like seeing these types of things unfold and it is the little things that stick with you. I don’t know how many times I saw mostly guys go past holding three large cans of beer. The large can, I should point out, goes for $8.50. I, like the Dude, “respect the beverage,” but who has all that flippin beer money.

Boggles the mind.

I got one more day, sports fans, that I am out, so all you headed to 305-306, let’s relax and have fun. Being a hockey nerd, it’s been largely entertaining, with only a little peril. Let’s lose the peril


2 thoughts on “How I Spent my Winter Vacation

  1. A 17 year old tweeting he is bored is not news! Most 17 year olds are bored some, if not most of the time. I wouldn’t put any weight to his comment.

    Using Buffalo State’s Ice rink is a good idea. Were other area ice rinks utilized during the tourney (ex: Amherst, Niagara University)?

    I am sure after the tourney has ended an assessment will be done regarding the event and the organizers will note things that could have been done better.

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