Tickets, please

The neighborhood I grew up in came complete with its own mad scientist. He was quite a character and one of the distinguishing characteristics he had was a constant appearance in a white dress shirt and dark navy pants. He was quite the independent thinker, had a healthy respect for him. He popped into my head during the past week, where I logged quite a few hours on the Arena Staff for the World Jrs. Hockey Tournament, consistently sporting my best ensembles of white and black. One of the patrons asked me on Friday asked if I was a big hockey fan. I quickly told her I was before this started.

I guess it is a good for the soul to be a part of something bigger than yourself, but by Friday, my soul was tired.

The downtown wind did in the hair, the final tripleheader did in the rest.  When your team loses in a shootout, you get ornery, so I got to hear some choice retorts from the masses, but overall it was fun to take part. Looking forward to what passes for normal for events there. The snappy lady killer jacket does come with a number of pockets that I tricked out en homage to Harpo Marx with snacks to keep going. It’s sad that the best and most cost efficient way to keep your energy up as to east like a fourth grader. I had my uncrustable sandwiches, peanut butter and toast crackers to keep on like a diabetic. If I could have arranged it, a juice box would have made it to the breast pocket.

There have been a few routs, but overall some good hockey too.