Greetings from Buffalo, Ontario

Remember the scene in Family Guy where Peter and Brian were landing in Ireland, debating about the irish drinking stereotype, while their plan lands in a sea of empty beer bottles? I couldn’t help but wonder if the Canadian hockey fans leaving HSBC Arena waded through a sea of Molson Canadian cans as they skulked to their cars and hotels for the trip back north.

While wading through the happenings of this week, I just wanted to congratulate the new speaker of the house as the first person of color to hold that position. I just didn’t think orange would be first, but I’m sure his constituency of oompa-loompas are quite proud.

Do all white house press secretaries go stale after two years?

I was reading some of the articles criticizing the Albright Knox for hosting the “Forty” exhibit. After careful consideration, I think the critics should put a sock in it. The Knox family were principles in both the gallery and the hockey team and if the hockey team can indirectly get some more folks interested in the real work of the gallery, that is a good thing and what really matters. If hockey fans help the gallery avoid a lean time financially, then there is a second bonus. Sometimes being a purist is just annoying, ya know?

Besides, I enjoyed it immensely. There was a nice pleasure in telling the gallery work that “I have already seen it” when she asked if I wanted to see the Stanley Cup.

Back to the folks chanting “this is our house” at HSBC Arena during the Canada vs. US and the Canada vs. Russia games, the worry about this shouting is kind of silly. I think we’ll get our deposit back next time the Maple Leafs come to town.

Speaking of which, can the Sabres play them soon. It seems our home team has been a lot more interesting off the ice than on lately. Personally, I’d like to see that trend reversed.

Interesting watching the tweets after the Bills’ final implosion for the year, kvetching about draft order. It doesn’t matter. When you are suffering from bullet wounds, picking out just one band-aid is only stop so much bleeding.

But, I won a Fantasy Football championship, which is just slightly about emerging triumphant from a Dungeons and Dragons tourney. T’was satisfying in an odd way. Fought the temptation to order the commemorative trophy from yahoo.

Happy 12th Day of Christmas