Wintertime Blues

This winter and I have not been getting along. Maybe its days like Monday, where we get a little sun, but lung crushing temps of -4 to start the day. I mean after the holidays, it loses a little something, just snow and anybody prone to using phrases like “Winter Wonderland” should be smacked with the nearest available bag of hammers. I mean, give me sun and 25 and I’ll be gripe free until spring arrives. Soon, I hope. I’m glad we are embracing the winter with the festivals and whatnot as we are what we are in that regard, so I signed up to bartend at the Powder Keg Festival next month. At the moment though? Feh!

But sometimes you just need a different perspective. I went to a networking event at Templeton Landing this evening on the waterfront. Typical of me, I was grousing to myself about the truck that hogged Elmwood Ave, refusing to pick lane, I mean, nobody was going MY speed…bastards. When I rolled up at the restaurant, a rare snow was falling, no wind, just light flakes, like somebody had gently shook the grand cosmic snow globe. It was soothing, almost, but not quite, in the way summertime water lapping the shore can mellow the harsh. Not sure, but it lightened my mood.

Found myself staring out the window a bit at the marina. The lights had a softness to them. The snow was falling without sound, one of those serene moments, that I suppose you have to hang onto when the temps get back in single digits this weekend. Next time I ask for a sunny day I’ll make sure it is temp specific, but that area had a beauty to it tonight that it has probably already lost, but it was nice to clear the slate for the moment. Might even amp me up to get the son sledding this weekend.