What, me, flurry?

There really isn’t mystery to snow here, or at least there shouldn’t be. I’m finding entertainment in the battling weather anchors on how his doppler is better than his Storm Team and accu-weather was first to need a battery, blah, blah, blah, it’sgonnasnowcakes….

Aside from that bit of entertainment, I read with some interest of the carping of early closures. It’s a bit of a knee jerk reaction to both close early before we haven’t had anything. Obviously, the city and thruway authority might want to think of a practice now and again based on the early storms this year, but I don’t mind the early closures.

I think back to the the thanksgiving snow storm of 2000 where if it was not for the grace of a teacher’s conference my clan would have been all over the place, so I’m cool with it.

We need to be cool, don’t want to get all crisis-like, like we’re the new New York City for example.

Supposed to dominate Wednesday then go away. I look and see a couple days of milk in the fridge, sufficient beer to the cause, me thinks I can skip Wegmans today, but I think I might be the only one.


Let it out

I got to hear something I’ve hardly ever heard while getting measured for a new suit on Saturday. The Tailor, perhaps for effect, perhaps not, perhaps I don’t care, made an ego pleasing production about how the suit I wanted needed to be be taken in substantially for a proper fit. I am many things, small has never been prominent among those things and to hear that combination of words come out of somebody’s unsolicited mouth was music to my ears. I reminded myself of that sense of accomplished happy in the middle of Bikram Yoga class this evening. While pulling myself off the mat for the umpteenth time, and admiring the shade of fucshia I was turning, I quickly reminded myself as to just how worth it is.

I am about as agile as a elephant on a high wire, but you have to walk the walk. My lovely son was having some anxiety about a class we have been making him take. Having pumped him up, had to back up my talk, first tailors then the world.