New Kid in Town

So, the Sabres now have an owner with deep pockets and a interest in winning. This is a good start, and let’s hope it translates into an improving product. I mean winning does sell a lot of replica jerseys.

Being a lifelong fan, coming so close in 2006 was great and the implosion of recent years is frustrating and it became obvious that the team was an investment. I’m very grateful for Tom Golisano for rescuing the team.

The well-documented fiascos of the contracts that should have been signed from Dumont, Briere, Drury, et. al and the ones that shouldn’t Vanek, Connolly and most recently Regier try the customer base’s patience and intelligence.

Ultimately, it is a business to be sure and you hope the new regime restores the class that came back with this year’s jerseys. It is upsetting to hear complaints from people like Rene Robert, and even more upsetting still that he has a point.

Hopefully, when the dust settles, Mr. Pegula has a team president to run the operation and a hockey guy to be g.m. both of whom have the mandate to create the best product possible.

A winner will sell a lot of t-shirts.


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