Got it started

Glad the Packers won the big game as they haven’t in some time. I don’t possess any particular anti-Pittsburgh feeling, other than sick of hearing about Ben Rothliesberger’s tough year and his season of redemption. Boo-flippin-who.

The Fox announcers seemed to go out of their way to lionize somebody who certainly didn’t merit it. He’s a gifted quarterback to be sure, but that isn’t license for anything including getting loaded at a Dallas karoake bar earlier in the week.

The Packers did make a person worry a little, nearly going to pieces in the third quarter, but they did right themselves which was good. Maybe it was the injuries to their defense, maybe the technical troubles the Black Eyed Peas suffered (Nobody could test the V?), but it seemed to take the Pack a little bit to get back into the game in the second half.

I supposed while the audio mixer for the Peas had the worst night (I mean, did anybody hear any sound from the trumpets on stage or from Usher?), Bud Light seemed to have the best. While all the pre-game buzz was around the deservedly cool Volkwagon-Darth Vader ad, Bud was very clever from the product placement spot to the dogs hosting the party.

If only I drank the stuff…..


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