Driftin’ and Hopin’

I’m full for this. Yes, this is another weather gripe.

My landlord has either Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder plowing our pathways, so since the last rounds of snow have landed, you are basically luging your way out to the end of the driveway. That wouldn’t be a completely bad thing if the snow there hasn’t been shoved into 5 foot tall drifts, which on an elevated lot, makes hopping down on to Delaware Ave during rush hour a challenge worthy of Steve McQueen in “Bullit.”

I think the prolonged cold is making us all a little loopy. For three days now, a decent looking toyota was parked on the road leading into work. As snow has been removed, it was revealed that the car was in the ticket attracting middle of the road. Parking spaces have become less distinct. I took my son into school and noticed one of the faculty was so possessive of their spot, it mattered not that a pile of snow was occupying the bulk of it. The SUV is question was plastered on it.

A bus rider decided standing in the plowed street was better that being on the curb. He was giving each driver including me stern talking tos as we were clearly in his space.

People were taking some serious chances in changing lanes, makes you think we’ve been cold too long. No january thaw, just a day every ten days that nudges 30.

Sad, when 20 makes you think it’s a heatwave.

Spring, bring it!


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