Rough Month this week

Yay, brief thaw!

We never got one in January at all, just lung-crushing cold, putting the area psyche in to a deep freeze. Stuff doesn’t come without some peril. I usually have decent traction but took my first major spill in sometime on the ice in front of the house formally known as mine. It was a nice streak of dexterity that came to an abrupt end.  Oh well.

While helping in the clean up from a major work benefit downtown, the conversation turned to how soon it would before you saw the first soul daring the shorts and flip flops. I have nothing against either, but the first person to take the plunge when the temp cracks 40 is usually one of the last people you want to see garbed that way. The Dude by the co-op should have known better.

A few other thoughts rattling around in my bruised brain: While the level of activism in Wisconsin (of all places) is nice to see on the passion side, being asked to kick for your health insurance to the tune of 12% doesn’t seem that big a deal compared to those who aren’t working (which is the alternative).

Speaking of government oddities, I’d like our Speaker of the House & Sen. McConnell to stand for something other than the opposite of what the President is advocating. If those were my representatives in Congress, I’ d be in even more perturbed as it appears they have nothing to say. I have no doubt that they and their lackies love America, they just hate half the people who live here.

And still, why was it okay to spend money we didn’t have on the questionable war in Iraq, but not okay to help folks here?

On the news tonight, a hit and run accident was shown where a truck blatantly mowed down a pedestrian on Seneca St. and kept on going. Police told television reporters it was being investigated as “an accident.” Now, one of the disturbing things I see from pedestrians is crossing the street whereever they choose, jutting their hands out “Heisman Trophy” style to repel any car. It looked the pedestrian in question in this accident pulled that very manuever, but for the driver to hit and keep going?? Ain’t got words on that one.

Everybody in the Sabres division is wheeling and dealing, even with each other. As I right this, our heroes are listlessly walking through a game with the Blues. I don’t know how Ty Conklin got so in their heads, but he is there. Darcy, I ask you, what is there to love about this inconsistent roster. If I’m the prospective new owner, I’m seething at the deals done and the lack of foresight from the current GM.