Snow Mo Fo

From today’s Buffalo News, this is tiresome. The skiing conditions on Delaware Ave were optimal, nice packed powder as plows were a myth. It’s snow, it’s Buffalo, yada, yada, yada.

The lack of any real thaw and the ongoing bumfuzzlement about clearing of the streets I think have added to winter fatigue. I like the seasons, just fine, but the level of cold since Christmas and the ongoing series of hyperventilating weathermen trumpeting the “storm of the season” for a given week, every week, makes a person weary.

That makes folks crazy. I’ve seen people take some silly chances with the snow. Perfectly dry sidewalks and folks still walking in the streets. A guy, in a pickup, sped up around me this morning to get back into the far right lane. Since there was nobody in the far right, I couldn’t help but wonder why he just didn’t stay put.

The cold of the first part of February and pretty much of all of January made us all windbreaker wearers if we can get out of the 20s, we get two days over 40 and the flip flops will come out, usually on the last person you want to see flip flopping (always some dude who shouldn’t).

Truthfully, that will be worthwhile, after bundling, making car repairs in sub-zero weather, and knocking myself silly on the ice last week, it will be pretty sweet.



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