February managed to tick me off

The shortest of the months was very harsh. Usually I bask in such things as February marking the Beatles arrival or my own for that matter, but I’m glad to turn the page, even if March Lions all over us.

Perhaps, it was the unrelenting cold.(are we all tired of single digits?)

Perhaps, the lack of sun

Perhaps it was the need to repair one tire on my car.(flat tire, single digits)

Perhaps having to buy two more. (goodbye tax refund)

Perhaps it was having to repair the fourth less than a week later.

Perhaps it was the mild concussion suffered two days before one of my offices bigger benefits (having slipped on the ice in front of my former house).

Perhaps it was the ticket (for making a left turn? with the light? I received taking my daughters to pick up their glasses.

Perhaps it was the rent increase that arrived in yesterday’s mail

but I’m ready for a new month.

There are always positives, but as a whole, February was a kidney stone of a time frame. Never had a time period work my last nerve

There, now, a license plate for my Bike??