Have a Paczki

We need to pause, perhaps, stop and contemplate the world over a pastry. I used to have to go a meeting every few months, that were vicious, stomp on your esteem crushers. It got decidely more civilized when I bought baked goods from Russ’s

So, the Superintendent of Schools would leave our fair city if he has to take a pay cut and get by on just $175,000 a year? Boo-flippin-hoo! It’s funny how everybody speaks of sacrifice until they actually have to do it. The teacher’s union chief won’t talk about cost saving measures without formal contract re negotiations, heaven forbid somebody need some important elective facelifts prior to sitting down at the table.

I suppose a good barometer of everything is that if somebody comes to the press and says “they are working for the children first,” as both of these folks have, there is a good chance that they really aren’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I think schools should be palaces, good educators should be getting six figure salaries. Highly touted places like City Honors should be the rule, not the exception. But as it has often been pointing, usually with much futility, this thing of ours is broken.

That knowledge seems to escape the folks empowered to doing something about it. Licensing bicycles? That is not even an original stupid idea. Apparently we have to import our insulting concepts, as patronizing ideas can’t afford to be gestated here now.

The downstate assemblyman who thought this was a valid concept? Yikes. I have absolutely no problem paying my fair share, don’t get me wrong. You would like to see it used well, as that would be refreshing. At the heart of that is some ignorance of both his and my part. I don’t pretend to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the inner workings there, but to keep coming up with new taxes and new revenue streams to sustain things that plainly aren’t sustainable seems a little suspect to me.

I hear this concept is being withdrawn, but I don’t believe my big wheel is safe yet.

Newt? Really? On the bright side, he is smarter than that reality tv star from Alaska.

McConnell and Boehner (the comedy team that bloviates the same) need time to decide to meet with the President on a matter they supposed wanted dialogue on. What?? If I’m a constituent for either of these guys, I would like to know what they stand for, before another vote gets cast. And they have to tell me without the use of pronouns.

The buffoon of an actor from the decidely average formula sitcom has obscured the goings on in both Wisconsin, Libya and the potential government shutdown. No easy trick, that.

Say what you will about Mobarek, but he was fired, he quit. Khadify thinks he still has a desk. Although we don’t much oil from Libya, like 4% at best, so why did prices go up so far? I want the speculators power for just one day,

Perhaps not everybody merits a microphone, all the time.

Have a Paczki and chill