A gallon of gas

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer takes a car dealer on a thrill ride to see how far past E they can go? Inadvertedly I got to reenact that during my morning commute. I wasn’t paying attention to my dashboard but after I crossed past the Delaware/Delavan intersection, I heard the tell tale sound of “Fool, you running on fumes.” Okay, that might have been my Dad’s voice in my head. Not being too sure where empty actually is adds a bit a thrill to the S curves that usually aren’t found on the morning commute. Usually, I have a very peaceful 7 min drive to work, but this made it seem like a bit of a roller coaster. I think the concentration made my head hurt the rest of the day,

You stop wondering about prices, how speculators can cause the price to go up on gas that was already here, how it feels a little like 1974 at the pumps, where the hell is the closest station to work anyway and most importantly, HOW MANY YEARS HAVE I BEEN AT THIS LIGHT????

A colleague wanted to know why my car was in a different place and I replied that it was to optimize how fast I could get to the Gulf Station on Colvin after work, only two lights and a downhill slope to boot.

Made it with a quart to spare, but at $3.67 a gallon, a new personal best and or worse depending on how you look at it.

Sure, NOW the NFTA starts looking through their expansion plans for the subway. As the man said “Tim      ing is everything.