There are some things that sound exciting and interesting, but can let you down.

Making television is one of those things. In the process of shooting two commercials for my employer yesterday, I had plenty of time to think, note and observe, because there is a lot of time spent where not a whole lot goes on. For the folks directly involved, there are an equal number of folks who really don’t need to be there but remain anxious to show how integral they are to the process. And then there are the pragmatists like myself. I knew I was tertiary to the whole thing, retrieved a prop, shooed a stray patron or two and generally hung out so my boss could find me if other needs arose. They didn’t.

That gives you plenty of time to take a mental walk while watching the proceedings.

I put a hurt on the already weak battery on my Iphone sneaking peeks at the disaster in Japan and it’s reach across the Pacific. I am not well-versed in the workings of the modern Nuclear Power Plant (other than what the Simpsons tell me), but with  Fukushima in the state it is in, there is the beyond scary possibility of needing a japanese word for Chernobyl.

What’s the new building for at ECC? I don’t think anybody said.

Patrick LaLime is hurt? Knee problems? Must be the bench door banging into it.

(I know, I shift topic fast, but if you aren’t deciding camera positions, your mind can wander)

March and sideways snow fall shouldn’t mix.

As a guy who works and pays a chunk of his health insurance, I don’t believe I’m sympathetic to either the NFL Owners or Players in their dickering over millions of dollars of profits. Here’s a thought, play this season and make every ticket free or even better take the amount being argued about and give it away (rebuild what hasn’t been put back in New Orleans, pay off everything in St. Jude’s, just quit seeking out microphones to whine about it).

My tape deck died. That’s a little sad. I hadn’t used it in sometime and for it to officially swirl around the drainpipe was rather profound. I mean, making a mix cd or an Itunes playlist doesn’t really have the same “Feel” to it. There was a craft, a passion to producing that compilation tape that doesn’t care over to the newer mediums.

Can you buy a regular turntable anywhere? The last time I got one, Reagan was still president.

T’was at this point, a passing bird shat all over the commercial director.

Being intellectually 12, I laughed



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