Jet-lagged without flying

Yeah, we need those days soon.

The shift to daylight savings time is always abrupt. This thought dawn on me as I looked at 5:15 shining from my alarm clock this morning. Only comparable sensation is the first day on the west coast when your body wakes you up at 4 in the morning, when you still have 3 hours you could be sleeping. Stupid body.

Don’t really have a good Rick Martin story other than getting to watch him play a bunch of times back in the day. For the uninitiated, the 70s were hallowed days for Sabres fans, the novelty of the team, they got so good so fast, a hot ticket for a whole decade. It was like having ten years of 2006. When Martin, Perreault, and Robert got going, the building hummed.

Can still recall the “Who’s on first?” like efforts to explain Hockey to my grandmother. She was up visiting during the Sabres first ever playoff run.  She came away with anybody named Mahovolich being a bad guy as they all played for Montreal (all both of them), but Dryden was okay because Buffalo had one of those.

“But, those boys, those boys right there can skate.”

Indeed they could, but back to the time change. Got an interesting reminder that we aren’t quite out of the weather woods yet. Went to my first Dark Star Orchestra show (and had a blast) and given the venue, it made sense to leave the coat in the car. This didn’t seem like a bad idea as it wasn’t too chilly, until you hit the wind tunnel that is Main Street.

A little wind, a little rain, yeah, I’m ready for Spring.


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