Telephone Line

Well, a few attorneys made some money off Verizon wanting to build a data center in the thriving metropolis of Somerset. What the hell, we didn’t need those 200+ jobs anyway. It boggles my mind at times how fast this region can take insult where there isn’t and seemingly the only solution is to sue somebody.

Yeah, officials had to move quick because plenty of cash starved areas would kill for a national firm with a huge bankroll, but we sue because of that. Geez, this makes me sympathetic to a phone company and if you know me, you how nuts that makes me.

I’m not a big fan of giving away the store, but for a frivolous lawsuit about “protecting the integrity of land” and the sluggish movement of the land seller make you wonder. You want to point out to those parties that there wasn’t anybody else in line!

I wonder how the coal fueled power plant protects land integrity.

I got in a mild scrap with a sibling as she griped about the relative suckitude of the economy here. I was kicked to the unemployed curb in 2002 and worked my way back into my profession and she has to do the same thing. She is of the type to want opportunities to present themselves. This thing with the phone company was exactly one of those opportunities as we blew it.

I’m not a huge phone company booster by any means, but the petty nonsense of this costs the region probably moves up to perennial first runner up status, but anybody else thinking of a large build can look at the Somerset area and think “pretty property, available power, but who wants to hire so many lawyers.”

Well, at least Niagara County got the economic impact of the law suit court costs. Then again, maybe Verizon took Mayor Bloomberg’s words to heart.


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