I think it is great that Mark Croce stepped up in the case of the Statler. The Buffalo Businessman has definitely put his money where his mouth is in terms of getting things done in the city. It probably wasn’t the best p.r. to have news of his acquisition of a beautiful mansion in Orchard Park as a second home. Not that I begrudge that mind you, in fact, I’m a bit jealous, but I’m not the one looking for assistance from the City to get the Statler stabilized.

Funny thing about favorite songs, one of mine popped up perfectly on cue after a tough day at the office on Monday. When that happens with just a touch of the key, that is a magical thing. So, of course, all of Delaware Park got to hear it too.

The SabresNathan Gerbe has been on a tear of late and his empty net goal the other night against Montreal was a testimony of effort and passion, that if the rest of the team played like that all year, they wouldn’t be in the boat they are in. Now, the challenge is to give the dude a nickname that doesn’t incorporate any variation of Gerbil.

The Buffalo Common Council has a bill in front of it to give $300,000 to the cultural groups left out of the county funding picture. This seems to me to be a no-brainer as we have a surplus and these groups provide some answers to people asking about life here. The low priority to quality of life issues has always had me curious. Sure, perhaps some of the entities could save adminstrative costs by combing efforts. You could say the same about City Hall. But if you are corporate entity and you are recruiting people to come to your city, you invariably have the conversation about what types of schools there are, what types of things there are to do. I have loved the Sabres from the beginning, but seeing something at the New Phoenix Theater or Hallwells is just as important. Joe Golombek doesn’t want to get into the business of funding the culturals regularly, as the city itself isn’t accustomed to that role. But I think the one thing government does well is collect money and then respend those dollars. Make that our operating principle and maybe stuff would get done more regularly.

An recent article in one of the Detroit papers talked about a companion span to the Ambassador Bridge and took great pains to point out that the discussion about our Peace Bridge is in at least its 17th year and nothing as been accomplished. So the citizens of that area shouldn’t hold their breath, unlike the citizens of the Peace Bridge area who sometimes should.

And the musical pick me up

Video ain’t great, but the audio was glorious noise



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