A Little is Enough

Hmmm, having one of those days filled with fortune cookie wisdom…

The head of the teacher’s union was on television last night decrying about how “Immoral” the court finding was about his charge to get back pay for teachers during a time when the City of Buffalo had a wage freeze on. Perhaps if the lawsuits would quit getting filed at the drop of hat, there would be more money. I’m not anti-union, but I am pro-common sense. We had a control board at the time, which suggests there was no money to divvy up. Blood from a stone, huh, Phil?

Thrilled at the notion of continued sprucing up at Canalside. I missed the meeting at the Harbor Club, and every journey needs steps to start. Improved amenities will be a good thing, and continue to bring folks down. Despite its shortcomings, you don’t see too much upset at Erie Basin Marina. Maybe it is the sound of the water, the sensation of being on the water, but if Canalside decision makers can bring people to the water, even drop them in the water (A beach! A beach! would bring the small businesses and tax revenue the city covets) and then you got something a department store can’t bring.

My Mom used to sport a t shirt emblazoned with the graphic “Newt Happens.” The scary thing is some years later, it could.

I’m a little disappointed that Matt Lauer didn’t call out the Newtster on a pretty blatant flip flopping of views on how the President is addressing Libya‘s problems. But then again, when Lauer interviewed President Bush, nobody was reminded of Frost & Nixon.

I need to apologize to February as March has been a bigger brute, but it is all a moot point as we are now staring April in the face. But with a congressional election in the NY #26, can Jane Corwin be disqualified for using the tired old (and unfounded) “hand picked by Nancy Pelosi” tag to slam her opponent? Really? Aren’t there enough issues in the 26th to spend time in pointless insults. As a former resident of that district, tell me what you want to do, why my vote should go to you, what are you going to do to better these circumstances?

And lest you think, my bashing is not equal opportunity. I quote and agree with this snippet from the Daily Show: “When President Obama was elected, he promised to talk to us like adults, apparently that meant somebody who has been married for a few decades and doesn’t talk to their spouse.”

One of the musical buddhas of my youth, Pete Townshend, was quoted as complaining that he should have never formed the Who, that he could have more productive and healthier as a solo artist. I enjoy his solo records immensely but I don’t know if he is exactly Brian Eno in that regard. Glad to have the solo records (how about making one, Pete?), but I’m glad we got the band, too.

If we are so worried about presidential birth certificates (never saw President Obama’s or any others for that matter), can we make a rule that they all have to provide them, but any potential candidate is immediately disqualified after starring in their own reality show.

It’s a start…