Sunny afternoon

Nice to the sunny day and the marina start to come out of it’s slumber. The hatch is waking up. The whole scene make you feel good, right on down to the guy with the chain saw cutting up driftwood.

It’s all good.






“Think I’ll go for a walk outside…”

Well, ride…actually.

We are a sun-starved people. I finished getting my bike tuned for the year and finally got it out for a short ride in this great sunshine. The reason I mention the sun is that invariably the shorts and flip flops come out at a high rate and the first person you see sporting that ensemble is probably the last person who should. I’m thinking of you, Mr. Bruins fan at the Elmwood mobile station, sporting the Bruins hoodie and the translucent knees that none of us needed to see. I should talk however, as I’m lucky the glare of my pale, almost pink knee caps could have caused blindness is drivers on Lexington. Now, I am no cyclist. The idea of me into those shorts is tantamount to licorice toothpaste tubes exploding on a grand scale.

Given that the Mobil station on the corner was currently peddling regular for $4.09 a gallon, testing out the bike for a trip to the office tomorrow might be worthwhile. I’ll risk looking a little like Gazoo with my helmet to save a few bucks, but I’ve seen how you people tackle the s curves on Delaware. There have been days I go down there and am not positive that I have enough car wrapped around me.

But it is sunny and the ride was good so you never know.

Game Six

Funny, you say Game Six to a Mets fan and they blissfully go back 25 years, with a smile of almost afterglow, remembering the 86 World Series. Say it to a Sabres fan, and we may or may not remember Sunday. I looked forward to the bit of the circus atmosphere as part of my moonlighting at the arena because you knew it was going to be exciting. I knew it would hold my interest as walking from where I parked, I passed by seven serious Sabres tailgate parties. My snappy red usher coat got cheers from one group, which was pretty cool. Walking through the lot in front of the Arena, I did see one lil sad flyer fan morosely drinking a beer by himself. It seemed like a private moment so I let him be.

The game, you know about that. The Connolly hit, the lack of suspension, the crappy play of the home team, seemingly playing to protect a lead, instead of working to decrease it. This has all been documented and I ain’t revisiting as if you think about it, our boys are lucky to get this far. My income level hopes they win tomorrow, but c’est la vie.

Got a nice view of the party on the plaza

This was my vantage point just prior to the paying customers coming in. It didn’t look like that after.

The arena is kinda charmless except when these banners come out, and then the pulse is felt.

Got to work an area with regular season ticket folk which made it fun, but when the team went into the tank for the second and most of the third periods, I was mostly becoming a fan of dinner at my folks’s house. Somebody yelled something about it being tied and I was thinking what about pie?

If it is over Tuesday, it will set off one of the more interesting off-seasons in Sabres history, might even cover up for how bad the Mets are at the moment.

Well done, Mr. Ennis

Timing is everything.When the second period resembled the bridal rush at Filene’s I was getting worried. Now, I can savor a Philly loss. Those are especially tasty. Watching the Flyers lose is similar to defeats for the cowboys. Raiders, Yankees and the like. Gives the rest of the world a little hope. Here’s to a fun sunday afternoon, where many a holiday dinner will be in front of the tv

My tv made my chest hurt

Playoff hockey is the bestest!

There I said it. Ain’t this fun? I never would have thought the Sabres would have made it this far in talking Hockey back in December.

It is a hoot in general. I’m getting a kick out of watching how Nathan Gerbe is getting under the Flyers‘ skin, how Tyler Myers is playing even taller and how Ryan Miller shut everybody up with a stellar performance including that robbery of old friend Daniel Briere.

Enjoying the ride and I’m looking forward to being late for dinner on Sunday to go work at Game Six. It has been the best of the playoff series thus far, but I sort of think whoever wins, might just be too spent to go much further.

(from the Buffalo News)

That said, I’m looking forward to working the Sunday game. The arena doesn’t always have the pulse that the Aud did, but occasionally the personality, the buzz is palpable. That feeling of shared excitement makes friends out of complete strangers, and being part of something bigger than you is well, kind of cool.

So, yeah, Jason Pominville, when the powerplay stinks up the joint for five whole minutes, we’ll voice displeasure. When the refs are befuddling, (to both teams), we might make some sounds as well.

This all bodes well for the future, not only for the good vibes coming from the new ownership, but the way the young guys are finding their games and making the building shake in the process. And last night, made the guys across the courtyard in my apartment building nearly scream both their flat screens off the wall.

It’s all part of the fun, cuz I don’t give an expletive either.

On Broadway

As seen at the Broadway Market on Sunday, the last day, I’ll venture over till Easter is done. I’ve never been a huge sponge candy guy but this monstrosity is something I’m sure is setting a few passing hearts aflutter.

It’s too bad perogis are more fashionable, than beyond Easter Season over there, and the scents and activity were fun to just wander around in, the horseradish alone “stings the nostrils.” More to life over than beyond the Polish Platter (just sayin) (gawd, I hate the phrase).

Much like the Amherst Street Wegmans calls out to most of North Buffalo, the Market will have people flocking to it though Dyngus Day. Go the next day, be a rebel. After all, you’ll need some bread to use up the left over butter lamb.