A Good Nap Spoiled…

Opening Day! Is there better sport at starting its season than Baseball. About a dozen teams got going yesterday, and the rest start at various times today. There is a lot wrong with baseball, but there is a lot right as well. It’s funny because just the equal blank slate through the standings is enough to shine glimmers of some hope for some teams.

It make me nostalgic a bit. The picture above is of Blue Jays baseball at Exhibition Stadium. That was the Jays’ home prior to the Rogers Centre. Built for football, it was a 15 year bad fit, but it was still great fun as the team was new and it was an easy way to see World Beaters like the Yankees and Red Sox. My dad and I used to take the excursions from the old Boardwalk Cafe to see some team pummel the young Jays. My first visit to the Ex was for a game between the god-awful Jays in 77 against the equally terrible at the time Oakland A’s. I still remember our section’s disbelief at seeing an A line up to bunt, only to wind up on third base. I guess the balls were tough to pick up when you played outside like that.

While the Jays and Mets (the other team teasing me for many a moon now) tease me each spring, they are a handful of teams who market by the “Come and see the Yankees take on our boys” school. This is because our boys aren’t very good.

But happily, none of that matters for the moment. This week and part of next, it is a new beginning, an end to winter, and the possibilities of being surprised, or at the very least, if you doze off for a nap in the middle innings, you get a little extra refreshed.

Mets and Jays, there could be worse teams for this Sabres fan to follow, but there are a lot of parallels there. Beginning of the year, anything is possible.