On the Waterfront

It is easy to miss the waterfront when Winter has been such a prolonged experience, but if you can see past the empty beer bottles where all the off season drinking was taking place, it’s easy to get renewed getting closer to the water.

My brother is quite fond of “glass lakes” where any disruption in the water is of his making, would have liked it today, smooth and clear where the ice was gone.

It’s only a matter of time, like the Swallows returning to Capistrano, sea gulls will be trolling for french fries, so DON”T GIVE THEM ANY!

The ice and the sky had the same color, at least to my camera.

Despite appearances, a nice day for a walk down there.

Psst…Harbor Commission, want a winning concept, build a beach. If you build it, people will come….and fall in the water…in a good way.

You’re beautiful, too.

A good friend asked once what my favorite sound was. I think I fumbled for an answer trying to sound clever, but I think I know now, Water coming in, touching the shore.

Marina weather is coming.