Game Six

Funny, you say Game Six to a Mets fan and they blissfully go back 25 years, with a smile of almost afterglow, remembering the 86 World Series. Say it to a Sabres fan, and we may or may not remember Sunday. I looked forward to the bit of the circus atmosphere as part of my moonlighting at the arena because you knew it was going to be exciting. I knew it would hold my interest as walking from where I parked, I passed by seven serious Sabres tailgate parties. My snappy red usher coat got cheers from one group, which was pretty cool. Walking through the lot in front of the Arena, I did see one lil sad flyer fan morosely drinking a beer by himself. It seemed like a private moment so I let him be.

The game, you know about that. The Connolly hit, the lack of suspension, the crappy play of the home team, seemingly playing to protect a lead, instead of working to decrease it. This has all been documented and I ain’t revisiting as if you think about it, our boys are lucky to get this far. My income level hopes they win tomorrow, but c’est la vie.

Got a nice view of the party on the plaza

This was my vantage point just prior to the paying customers coming in. It didn’t look like that after.

The arena is kinda charmless except when these banners come out, and then the pulse is felt.

Got to work an area with regular season ticket folk which made it fun, but when the team went into the tank for the second and most of the third periods, I was mostly becoming a fan of dinner at my folks’s house. Somebody yelled something about it being tied and I was thinking what about pie?

If it is over Tuesday, it will set off one of the more interesting off-seasons in Sabres history, might even cover up for how bad the Mets are at the moment.