“Think I’ll go for a walk outside…”

Well, ride…actually.

We are a sun-starved people. I finished getting my bike tuned for the year and finally got it out for a short ride in this great sunshine. The reason I mention the sun is that invariably the shorts and flip flops come out at a high rate and the first person you see sporting that ensemble is probably the last person who should. I’m thinking of you, Mr. Bruins fan at the Elmwood mobile station, sporting the Bruins hoodie and the translucent knees that none of us needed to see. I should talk however, as I’m lucky the glare of my pale, almost pink knee caps could have caused blindness is drivers on Lexington. Now, I am no cyclist. The idea of me into those shorts is tantamount to licorice toothpaste tubes exploding on a grand scale.

Given that the Mobil station on the corner was currently peddling regular for $4.09 a gallon, testing out the bike for a trip to the office tomorrow might be worthwhile. I’ll risk looking a little like Gazoo with my helmet to save a few bucks, but I’ve seen how you people tackle the s curves on Delaware. There have been days I go down there and am not positive that I have enough car wrapped around me.

But it is sunny and the ride was good so you never know.


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