“Bin Laden…out with an upper Body injury, not to return”

“Hey England, we’ll see your Wedding and raise you one funeral”

President Bush: “I loosened it for ya, hehe””

The quips do come easy as gallows humor is never too hard to cultivate.

It is one of those “where were you” moments when you heard the news about Osama Bin Laden, but Mashable and all three local tv stations used social media not to see the news, but “how did you find out about it” polls. I can’t help but think that doesn’t matter.

While this accomplishment is quite significant, I guess I’m not ready to go dancing in the streets like some folks were. It wasn’t long ago, that news of the towers collapsing had some people celebrating in other portions of the world. It does sort of figure that Bin Laden was found in a custom built McMansion instead of the caves of story and song. It’s interesting too that this was all in Pakistan. Pakistan has received considerable aid from the United States in recent years. The Pakistani government, such as it is, has also been one of the underwriters of the Taliban and Al Queda. So, if you think about it, on the war on terrorism, we need to narrow our focus to stopping……us.

Don’t get me wrong, getting him is a great thing to be sure, ( I think of Mark Twain’s quote about not wishing for anyone’s death, but taking the occasional pleasure in an Obituary) but I got this feeling that it doesn’t necessarily mean any one book is closed. Bin Laden’s death and the scenes of revelry could be rallying points, for evil that we know is still out there.


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