Live from Bobo bot

Only thing more astounding than Osama Bin Laden‘s compound going undetected for so long was the scary amount of people who resented “the Celebrity Apprentice” to hear the news. Our priorities are warped when the rush is on to hear what Sarah Palin had to say on the matter. As he has been gone for more than five years, why is Donald Rumsfield worthy of camera time on this and did we really need to interrupt Vice President Cheney’s scaring of his neighbors to claim it was all them? And on top of that, why doesn’t Plankton just buy a damn crabby patty already?

It was all everybody from what I can see. Covering a horrific event like with a sportscenter mentality isn’t sitting well with me. This isn’t t-ball where everybody gets to play. Not everybody merits a microphone either.

“Asking Cheney, Rumsfeld & Rice about search for Bin Laden is like asking Pete Best how the Beatles achieved their sound.” — TV’s Frank

The President did his bit, the former president did is and that should be it. Yeah, I said it, President Bush was one of the more dignified folks during the week. Everybody likes to be in know, have the skinny, witness the “Who’s on First” routine from the White House trying to get the good word out in the first place.

Slow down, folks, let’s take our time to get it right. Correct will trump (hehe, I said trump) everytime.


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