For Real

It’s been a busy week. Here’s what is mulling around in my brainpan after our first week of spring.

There are a lot of folks in a dither about the “Buffalo: For Real” slogan. I am not one of those guys. I don’t dither. We have been searching for the “big thing” forever to turn the region around and that is plenty silly, and the same goes for campaigns of any kind. Any promo campaign needs a bunch of components. This is just a step. Much like people are reluctant to scroll down a web page or click a second time, it is just a way of showing off some nice photos. It’s a slogan and the world will revolve at the same pace regardless of how many car chases make what was probably the first of many youtube videos. Remember “Talkin Proud”? Well, the milk still went on your cereal the same way then too. Perceptions and realities shift at a snail’s pace and to expect one tag line to do alter that is silly. so the complainers, whiners (and folks who have waaaaay too much time on their hands on the forums on media sites) should chill. It’s a tag line not a miracle cure.

That said, this is pretty funny.

The Sabres are raising prices and that has some of the folks still living their moms’ basements upside. It is a buck a game on average, folks, settle down. Were you going to go anyway?

I’m getting a kick out of the people and firms who represent themselves as social media consultants. Sure there are things I would like to do to my company’s web pages and other things we can add to the facebook page, but in this age, when the internet has made people even lazier,  if you are going to tell me what is wrong with my corporate facebook page perhaps, you should be looking at it. Doofus assessed my social media presence on the basis of an abandoned group and the 200 folks who are still there. Yeah, there is a consultant I’ll bring in, chucklehead.

Has there been a more poorly run matching set of campaigns than what is happening in the New York 26th election? Everybody is so poorly representing themselves and flinging mud at each other, you have no idea what anybody actually stands for. If I could enact one election law for advertising, it would be for a mandate of “what would you do?” if you got the job.