Nurseable Grudges (Water Taxi edition)

I love the idea of the water taxi on Buffalo’s waterfront. I think going from the wharf to Dug’s Dive via the taxi is a great idea. It is reasonably priced and all that, but somebody needed to rethink the press release as the noon news quoted it as saying you can take the Water Taxi from the wharf over to Templeton Landing. That isn’t exactly a journey that is harsh on the footwear as that might be faster to walk (they are pretty close when traveling by land). (Psst, more beach type stuff would help too)

45-50 and rain can actually make 25 and snow seem okay.

As a former resident of the area now covered by the NY #26, I cannot wait for this election to be over. It is a huge amount of money being spent by three campaigns and as many political action committees and all the voters in the #26 know is that each candidate is in favor of winning and against losing. It seems like every television commercial break features ads from at least two of the three candidates. While I’m all for our leaders talking to us, none of these candidates are actually saying anything.

Remember last week when it was sunny, and just right on the temp scale? That wasn’t a dream right?

Other annoying advertising sticking in my craw at the moment include the radio spots for actor Al Pacino‘s upcoming appearance at the Seneca Casino. I’m sure he is a fascinating dude to just get talking but whoever wrote the script for the radio ad that reduced his last name to sound effect status. You hear the announcer scream “Pacino!” and I’m half tempted to duck to avoid some imaginary object richocheting off a nearby surface.


Made you blink.


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