Tangled Up in Blue

So, Bob Dylan turned 70 today, I suppose that is a bit of milestone, but he has always seemed a bit of a grumpy old man to me (maybe it is because I’m on the road to that myself).

I’m not the biggest Dylan fan by any means, there is a lot that just doesn’t “do it” for me and when he isn’t interested, it is easy to dismiss a record or two, but there is always a lot to respect. Just when you thought he might have been calling it a day, along comes something to bring him back into the consciousness a bit.

And once again he was relevant. I can’t always tell what is being talked about on the recent releases, you just know it is important. He could easily be living off the royalties from the 60s records, but the tour never ends. Witness the delight in the eyes of the young guns he played with at the Grammys this past time out,

Me, I can do without “Gotta Serve somebody” but am glad we got the “Jokerman” periodically checking in. Got to respect somebody who makes music for music’s sake.

If the never ending tour passes by, I think I’d check in.

Lord knows he defines passion over precision as a vocalist.