Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

One of my favorite retreats in this area is the Marina/Wharf down at the waterfront. Lord knows it ain’t Chicago’s Grant Park or whatever they call that area in Baltimore, and it could be more attractive, but what the hell? Make do with what you got. I’d love a beach to be developed around there in some fashion, and I know that is possible, perhaps in Bizarro Buffalo it is getting built. But for what it is, it is quite possible to get centered, replenished and generally feel better by heading down and listening to the water hit land.

I had notions of partaking a kayak rental, but it was a little breezy and in the graceful department, I am a little lacking.

There were a few souls out there paddling amongst the motors. I chose to soak up the vibe, listen to the classics being taught a thing or two by the cover band playing at Templeton Landing and otherwise stay out of the still kind of chilly water.

Good to see some life. It struck me as I walked a couple laps of the Marina on this nice Sunday is that there are some differences or little cultures with the waterfront confines. You have your haves, the folks with the boats, your haves to damn much: the folks with the boats with the satellite dishs, the just folks who walk the marina (like me to be near the water), and the true have nots – the folks who don’t enter either the marina or the wharf but come out to enjoy being as close to the water so the dog can play too.

Nobody is having a bad day when you are by the water. It’s not exactly Haute Cuisine at the Hatch, but nobody is copping an attitude because you are at the water, baby.

There’s a lot to be said for that. Even saw the water taxi who apparently gives two hour tours if you just want to go for the ride, but the part of the Wharf to Templeton Landing might need some rethinking.

Walk about down closer to the lighthouse and you can see Lake Erie have those multicolored bordered of demarcation, lighter closer to land, darker out by the barriers.  Yeah, the recent rain has me thinking of the Zoo animals in twos, but we’ve been waiting to hit the marina. Tomorrow, I finish prepping for summer by bringing the air conditioner out of the basement. Today, I savor the good walk, down by the water….