Hot fun in the Summertime

Ah, summertime, the beginnings of July, and typically when the Sabres‘ fan bemoans the one that got away, the deal that could have been made, should have been made, but all that resulted was a little depression mixed with resignation as to what things might mean.

I don’t really want to think of hockey now, with the weather finally getting decent, but Terry Pegula and Ted Black are making it too much fun not to think about, that we can actually look forward to the next day or so’s shenanigans with a sense of anticipation.

With reconnecting with the Rochester Americans and two notable trades already, these aren’t the Sabres of recent times, even with Ales Kotalik back on the club. Wonder if he likes Java’s in Rochester.

I readily admit, I’ve had it bad for some time. When cleaning up from a trade show, I found a clip used to hold table cloths and drapes to tables. It turned out Rene Robert signed it in a flurry of writing his name over and over. And yeah, I kept it.

I think that is what has us all enthralled, that we have an owner who has it bad too. The efforts need to get our new defenseman made me think we aren’t quite Hockey Heaven yet, but it does appear to be okay to dream big and dream outloud


Let them All talk

I’m all over the place in my befuddlement.

Gonna start the work week with three very lengthy days serving the greater good, but by thursday, it could Chinese arias played on a bow saw by a left handed blind guy and I would still be at the water’s edge that eve. Looking forward to Lowest of the Low’s return….

As it might allow something to happen, JUST SELL THE DONOVAN BUILDING AND OTHER PARCELS. @ECHDC

(all credit to buffalopundit for that one, but he is right)

Got three days of music seeing/listening over the past four, so that is definitely a good thing. As a side note, since they are both local, go see The Skiffle Ministrels and Babik. Two decidely different, but very original outfits that are sure to put you in a good mood.

An actual progressive move by New York State, something that should have never been an issue, finally isn’t. I know the Catholic Diocese is perturbed locally, but last time I checked nobody has a monopoly and City Hall is where you go for the licenses. More stable loving homes….reads like a win win to me.

Michelle Bachmann is polling at 22% in Iowa. Apparently, gravitas isn’t needed in the GOP either. It just strikes me as interesting that for all the grumbling about the President’s background in 2008, telegenicism is apparently transcending records there too.

Not that I’m against joggers and charity runs, but do race organizers realize that there are more than two streets in the city of Buffalo?

A humorous Interlude

Two nuns are ordered to paint a room in the convent, with a warning from the Mother Superior not to get even a drop of paint on their habits.

After conferring about this, the two nuns decide to lock the door of the room, strip off their habits, and paint naked.

In the middle of the project, there’s a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” calls one of the nuns.

“Blind man,” replies a voice from the other side of the door.

The two nuns look at each other and shrug, both deciding that no harm can come from letting a blind man into the room. They open the door and the man enters.

“Nice boobs,” says the man. “Where do you want the blinds?”

Zoo be doo be doo…

I have a pretty cool job. Despite having every travel clinche possible happen while traveling this week, this week’s sojourn to Granby, Quebec had some cool moments. For both of you who regularly read this, I hinted at Zoo pics and the good folks at Zoo de Granby were happy to oblige with two trips over to their great space for some fun, and a sneak peek at their latest exhibit. Those who hate animal pictures, should probably avert their eyes at this point, but this is how we were greeted last monday evening:

Hot start, but here’s the animal stuff:

Don’t wake the sleeping sharks….


MTL to Nwrk, oops, CLEVE to BUFF

You got to suppose this is probably a daily occurance, just that the travel karma gods catch up with everybody and this trip was apparently my turn. When the Zoo marketers conference broke up, we had a few drinks and joked about the impending 7 am shuttle to the airport. The shuttle was great, got us there safe and sound. The departure gates are arranged with all the international flights close up and the US bound flights toward the other end of the terminal. Along with two colleagues who were returning to these shores, I set off in search of the Continental desk.

Found it, no line, sweet!! I dutifully check in, check one bag to ease my load and the three of us repair to have a breakfast denied by the early departure hour of the shuttle. As we are finishing that needed 4th cup of coffee (Shaddup, the cups are small up there!), my phone rings. Given that that is no bargain, I don’t want to answer, but I do and it is Orbtiz, bearing the tidings that my flight from Montreal to Newark has been cancelled.

I weave a quick tapestry of obscenity and head back to the Continental counter after saying hurried goodbyes to my colleagues. I quickly secure a tickets to get to Cleveland and from there, to Buffalo in roughly the same amount of time. I head over to start the process of customs, except my bag that was checked is still thinking it is going to Newark. Being passed from Airport Security to Continental to Airport Baggage Claim BACK to Continental, I am sure I wore a path in the terminal floor worthy of Family Circus.

Good thing the coffee crisp bites were cheap and plentiful after clearing customs. The more airports you see in a given day, they don’t get better looking. I had to laugh when the initial Continental Clerk kept apologizing about Newark (write your own jokes there, I’ve had a long day).

Getting there wasn’t half the fun, and getting home wasn’t the other half.

Le Village Quebecois d’Anton

There, wanted to see I could spell it without looking. The marketing group I’m with took a break from discussions and whatnot for an en mass tour of the aforementioned village.

It is a recreated 19th century farm village halfway between Montreal and Quebec City. Our hosts from the Zoo de Granby arranged for a very nice tour, which led to informal chats prior to dinner.

For dinner, it was culture shock for everybody except the french canadians at the table. The Village put on what they referred to as an Sugar Shack meal, meaning it was similar into scope to what folks ate then before then went to work, or what us marketers would eat before descending into an international food coma.

Sitting with folks from Germany, Austria and exotic Philadelphia, we watched as it kept coming: Crouton, Bread made on the premises, pork and white bean soup, ham, sausage, egg, potatoes, and syrup. Vindication for Buddy the Elf as syrup is indeed a major food group.

It was pretty funny given the reactions and the curiousity from the Europeans, who made me laugh with their assessments of the Canadian beer being offered. You can imagine trying to explain Philly Cheesesteak or our Wings to them.

Properly toured and fed, we were sent back on our bus for the ride back only to have to loop around for our driver to recover his lost coat, which doubled the length of the journey back to Granby.

He reappeared with the jacket and was greeted by some sarcastic cheers.

Sarcasm apparently is universal.