Happy Free Agency Day

June beat me up, so here are few scraps from the mental lost luggage rack.

July 1st – and it is okay to be a Sabres fan, no bad things, man, no bad things.

It’s said those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I don’t know if that is the exact quote, but I’m tired.

We do seem trapped in that life is what happens while you are looking for a place to park mentality sometimes.

So, after 13 years of lawsuits, threats, plans, competitions, meetings, and a little fear mongering, no new peace bridge. I wonder what the final tally on not-building something might be.

I read with some interest over the new academic building slated for the ECC North campus and it is good to hear the higher ups there are looking at the City as well. A strong hub begets a strong outer area (or something like that). The city has some building that could be easily tied in, and as an added bonus are already built.

The imagined competition between NCCC and ECC makes me laugh a bit as it ain’t exactly Harvard and Yale, we should all relax as that kid from West Seneca has to buy all that gas someplace.

Nice to see UB continuing to strengthen its city ties. Every little bit helps, yo.

So, a restaurant can’t open in the Naval Park why?

Is the new shack on the Central Wharf the “Hatch”-ling?

The “Service Engine Soon” warning light needs to be a little more specific to be taken seriously.

If the Sabres sign Brad Richards, please let it work….


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