Queen City Ferry

Okay, you say it without looking at it and it sounds like a bar on Main Street with a two drink minimum between City Lights and the Jam Club, but it is the Water Taxi, that I admit from a distance to me looked like the Mini-Me the Miss Buffalo never needed. But before I’m branded a neigh-sayer or anything bad buffalonian-esque, I shoved my semi-willing young son on for a lap around the waterfront. I thought we’d a two hour ride to inner and outer harbor, but it is one of the other. We happened to hop for the inner harbor jaunt, but it was still a groovy ride. Got out onto a bit of the open water for a bit. along with some different perspective of the city, so I said the heck with it and played tourist and took a few pictures.

This part of the boat ride smelled like Cheerios….vaguely

Nice ride, like most things around here, doesn’t go any where particular you can’t already get to on your own, but hey, it’s on the water and somebody else is driving.