Midweek Mental Meanderings

And now a few moments without Andy Rooney

Remember when you were learning to drive, and more importantly, learning to parallel park? Yeah, me too. More importantly, remember waiting while somebody finished parallel parking, since you know there might be traffic coming the other way. Yeah, me too. I’m not sure when it happened, but apparently you are supposed to just go around the poor devil who is trying to park. This is troubling to me. If you take that chance, what if the parker messes up and needs to come out? What if you are the parker and the guy in the Humvee can’t wait and comes close to hitting you because he HAS to beat the traffic….into submission?

I see this on Elmwood all the time and watched as the folks at the marina over the weekend were routinely breathing down each other’s necks seeking parking.  Relax, ya’all, we’ll get there.


Great slate of music in the area for the summer at next to no money. It’s funny since Western New York is such a sun starved people, there is a high population of folks who take in a show, not to see the show per se, but being seen at the show or saying they caught it. I was struck while mostly enjoying Pat Benatar by the sheer amount of people, just there, not particularly for the show, just to be there. I had a crappy vantage point of one of the tv screens for much of the night and dumbstruck when a sloshed woman came up to ask if I would be move because she couldn’t see the screen from her chair even further back. It’s a concert not a movie, fool.


Social Media can be a funny thing. A guy who decided sight unseen that an untested intern would be better at my job than I would some years ago, now wants to be LinkedIn. That makes me chuckle as only one of us is working in this market.


Not going to weigh in on the Casey Anthony case, as I’ve come down with a bad case of disinterest.