The Dream Police

Dear Blog,

Don’t take it personally, but it has just been too damned hot to wax poetic on the home pc of late. I’m not complaining as I would like to box up a little of the weather so we dive into it face first in December.

So, a few random asides.

The Artpark free concert lineup has been a lovely thing this summer. The roster of acts reminds me a lot of the faces you’d see staring out over the record racks at Twin Fair from 1979, but considering how well they’ve been sounding, that isn’t a bad thing. I enjoyed Cheap Trick most recently, even though they didn’t have Bun E. Carlos behind the drums and most of their equipment under a crushed stage in Ottawa. Good times, although it does crack me up a bit to people watch as you can see the people there for the band, versus the people who are there to either say they were there, or just to be out on a summer eve.

Yeah, so no signature bridge, okay. Man all the customs windows and I bet traffic improves.

Canalside has the Donovan building moving in the right direction with actual private investment. That is awesome in an unironic kind of way. Just need to work on getting folks more water access. I don’t know the engineering, but there has to be away to get more of a city beach going, one that actually connects to the water.

Yeah, it’s hot out, but it isn’t your hair’s fault

Patrick Lalime is retiring from the Sabres. I know most folks think his day was passed, but I think he was left on the shelf for repeated awfully long stretches during his time in Buffalo. That said, all signs point to Mr. Enroth continuing his stellar play. He’s beyond ready and here’s hoping Lindy turns him loose for 20 to 25 games at least to preserve Ryan Miller.

Made it to the Sterling Renaissance Festival for the first time this past Saturday and while I readily admit that alone that sounds kind of dorky, but I loved it. It’s a little toned down from previous years, but still a good time. The succulent turkey legs were a little much for the weather as the “breakfast bread” (a pretzel) seemed a safer bet.

Given my Celtic background, one where I get sunburn from opening the refrigerator too quickly, I’m dealing with a bit of lobsterdom at the moment courtesy a stint at Woodlawn Beach. It smarts, but I’d do it again quickly. Just $7 to park and then go dunk yourself, that cannot be beat.

In fact, may have to do it again this weekend.

Hot enough for you?