Debt Be Not Proud

“Is there a debt limit deal or not? I need to plan my Sunday- a nice brunch or looting???”

I got to confess to being full with all the posturing about the debt ceiling fight. Yes, the President and Sen. Ried could have worked a little harder. Reps. Boehner and Kantor could have had a plan long before this week’s bill. Point is, kids, you all screwed up. Represenative Boehner says the President is in reelection mode. What he doesn’t say is the rest are in keep me elected mode. It’s makes you nostalgic for when the Republicans hated the Clintons, not the majority of the people who voted for them.

You wish everybody would quit jockeying for soundbytes and get it done without making it tougher for middle class to do extravagant things like attempt college. Yes, the President spent too much, so did the one before him. Congress has spent too much, as did the one before, as did the one before it and so on.

The one thing government does well, is collect money and sent it back out. To read that the squabbling wasn’t on entitlements, senate pensions, but things like pell grants makes me throw up a little. The fact that representatives on both sides are worried what it will do to the “party” ahead of what it will do to the people (remember us?)

Ain’t no higher ground when you are all at fault.