Elmwood Festivus for the rest of us

Sometimes it is good to be early.



“Oh Me, Oh My”

So, summer is winding down. I hate that. I guess all seasons have to, but for whatever reason, Winter seems like to loiter like a bad party guest, rummaging for more dip in the fridge when you just want to go up to bed. My informal exercise program this summer has included laps of the Erie Basin Marina and the Central Wharf. It was interesting to note the stage for the concerts was away for a time before returning for the last stand this weekend. I’ve partaken in the local outdoor shows with greater abandon this year and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword. Some arrive for the music, some arrive to just be there, and some just arrive.

While there are already a couple of nice indoor shows coming up for this music buff, the Great Big Sea show is something I’ve been looking forward to since June and somewhat of a curtain closer as well.

I like a good fun band outside, but the idea that one last trip to Artpark for the Machine’s Pink Floyd tribute show might need a jacket is an idea that I’m not quite adjusted to yet.

I know, anticipation of fall is a beautiful thing, but I just want one more beach trip or two in, before we call it a season.


I’m not sure I understand some things, book 2:

How come nobody is perturbed that Congress is on a month long break, given what was accomplished in the time leading up to their breather?

Interesting to me that some brick and mortar restaurants in the city want government just big enough to control who and where hot sauce get dispensed. The idea that some locations are so threatened by The Roaming Buffalo, Lloyd’s Taco Truck and the others that instead of marketing their establishments, they are yelling to City Hall. This is the case of making something affordable and good people generally will turn out. The past two thursdays, I’ve spent a little over $6 with the Roaming Buffalo, not because it is a truck, but because it was good value for the dollar. That is something the whining fixed locations should remember.

What is the point of wearing socks with the sandals? I know they are ankle socks, but still, guys, what is the damn point? That has to be the road to stereotypical dad wear and you look more like an oncology patient instead of cool. I mean, I’m the last guy to make any fashion forward comments, but seriously, shouldn’t the point of sandals and flip flops be to dispense with socks in the warm weather.

That said, pull the damn pants up, you look like an idiot. Not sure when prison chic became the thing, but I’ve yet to meet anybody who thinks it is  a good look.  Didn’t care until one dude in a Bikram Yoga class I was taking thought that was a good way to start the class. Idiot.

I could have told you that the Buffalo Bills weren’t going to be really competitive this season back in the lockout, but could they at least go find a few guys who can play offensive line. The coach says “we want to find out what they got.” Been pretty obvious from where I sits, um, not a whole lot.

Which with the fair shutting down, the weather starting to cool down, brings the reminder that summer is winding down. That is a pretty lousy thing for a season to do. Winter should try it sometime though, instead it hangs around like the party guest that doesn’t get the hint.

“whaddya mean there’s no more dip?”

Idle Musings

Understanding less and less lately…..

Nothing like the opening pre-season football game on the NFL slate to remind you of the quality of a really good Canadian Football League game.

I’d love to report that I’m upset that the Bills dumped Lee Evans, but I’m not, stuff happens. His dad was a great tipper to us usher types, but I think of it more of Evans getting a chance to play for something, which the Bills probably won’t be doing this year. It does make you wonder what the plan is as you have to be a lot better for a fire sale. That said, they are at least dressing better. The new uniforms, while a blatant cash grab, are a darn sight better that the Division III threads of recent years. Hopefully Roscoe  and Boss Hogg will share with us what the ultimate plan be for catching them Duke boys.

That Aaron Maybin news, however, long overdue.

Speaking of which, I think I’d love a presidential campaign lock out. Let’s have nothing happen until the end of July next year, then they can all go (both democratic and republican candidate) go bonkers. Till then, this is all just a waste of time and money and a barrage of embarrassing photo ops.

The Iowa straw poll is pretty darned meaningless, but I am tired of the corndog picture with Michelle Bachmann, bet the corndog is too. It’s funny how GOP criticism of the president in 2007 and 2008 is now a strategy for them.

Just in case, I’m mislabled, I’m pretty disappointed in the President these days too, but the fantasy football roster the GOP has put together needs to come up with something other than bromides about the “president being a one termer” and “putting America back to work.” Both parties can come up a plan and neither one has the inclination, so it seems.

Why are the established restaurants in Elmwood and Allentown all knackered up about the small group of food trucks? Lloyd’s Taco Truck, The Whole Hog and the Rolling Buffalo are all providing good food and nobody has parked in front of another restaurant to steal customers. This controversy mystifies me. It does remind me back to when Starbucks was entering the Buffalo market and the folks at Cafe Aroma were apoplectic with rage until they realized that if you building something good, people will still keep coming. So, certain pizza, sub and take out joints should just keep doing what they are doing. You bake it and bake it well, people will come.


Took a stroll after dinner to Broderick Park and the Marina, to get some fresh air, now that we had cleared from the earlier monsoon. I brought along to my newly acquired second hand camera to figure out how to use it better.

This has always made me laugh a little. The barbed wire at the right has been there forever and I’m not sure why, to keep you from climbing a fence that you could walk around. I don’t think  the overseers thought that one through. I guess the pier beyond the Peace Bridge is having some safety concerns so it is closed off. It would be nice if they would say so. Broderick Park is another one of those areas in Buffalo that has the potential to be really great, but those in power don’t seem to be interested.

Sucked to be the guys waiting in the trucks tonight, the line went back to Fort Erie

Actually, I want this guy’s mode of transportation, just want to try it once.

County Fair

Don’t suppose they’re dreaming of eggs and toast by chance?

I made a preemptive strike with some couponage and a cohort on the Erie County Fair on opening night, a sort of reconnaissance trip for taking my son next weekend. It’s nice to know it is trapped in time. As it was the opening hours, the smells haven’t really meshed yet, like blocks of fried, well, fried. And no, the donut burger is safe from me and my aging arteries. I can’t really take any kind of high road as the vegetables I ate were like most things there deep-fried (and good, and I’d do it again, and probably will).

While not a fan of the reindeer, sea lion or tiger exhibits (basically avoided them) or the “as seen on tv” row upon row of life in the Agricultural Center, there is that certain something that makes you go back. I don’t know if it is the people watching as that is a show, the carnival fare (Yeah, I sent a sundae down after the fried vegetables, don’t judge me.), rides that entice and or repulse.

Give your conscience the night off and have some fun