The Locks

While waiting for the B52s to join us in Lockport, my main musical partner in crime and I took a wander in the nearby locks.


And there was lots worthy of further exploration, but the Iphone is only so smart. Point being, go play tourist and wander.

You find cool stuff that way.



Happily, and as per usual, made a bit of a fool of myself at the B-52s show in Lockport. They are still a lot of fun after all these years. I read a little of some band grumbling about the perfomance space and really couldn’t care less. They played a nice set of music and the majority seems to have a blast. I know I did.

I couldn’t help but laugh as there were a few folks watched the show, with an either a stonedfaced expression or a little peeved. What you see is what you get with the B52s and seeing those folks with such zombified expressions, made me laugh even more.