County Fair

Don’t suppose they’re dreaming of eggs and toast by chance?

I made a preemptive strike with some couponage and a cohort on the Erie County Fair on opening night, a sort of reconnaissance trip for taking my son next weekend. It’s nice to know it is trapped in time. As it was the opening hours, the smells haven’t really meshed yet, like blocks of fried, well, fried. And no, the donut burger is safe from me and my aging arteries. I can’t really take any kind of high road as the vegetables I ate were like most things there deep-fried (and good, and I’d do it again, and probably will).

While not a fan of the reindeer, sea lion or tiger exhibits (basically avoided them) or the “as seen on tv” row upon row of life in the Agricultural Center, there is that certain something that makes you go back. I don’t know if it is the people watching as that is a show, the carnival fare (Yeah, I sent a sundae down after the fried vegetables, don’t judge me.), rides that entice and or repulse.

Give your conscience the night off and have some fun