I’m not sure I understand some things, book 2:

How come nobody is perturbed that Congress is on a month long break, given what was accomplished in the time leading up to their breather?

Interesting to me that some brick and mortar restaurants in the city want government just big enough to control who and where hot sauce get dispensed. The idea that some locations are so threatened by The Roaming Buffalo, Lloyd’s Taco Truck and the others that instead of marketing their establishments, they are yelling to City Hall. This is the case of making something affordable and good people generally will turn out. The past two thursdays, I’ve spent a little over $6 with the Roaming Buffalo, not because it is a truck, but because it was good value for the dollar. That is something the whining fixed locations should remember.

What is the point of wearing socks with the sandals? I know they are ankle socks, but still, guys, what is the damn point? That has to be the road to stereotypical dad wear and you look more like an oncology patient instead of cool. I mean, I’m the last guy to make any fashion forward comments, but seriously, shouldn’t the point of sandals and flip flops be to dispense with socks in the warm weather.

That said, pull the damn pants up, you look like an idiot. Not sure when prison chic became the thing, but I’ve yet to meet anybody who thinks it is  a good look.  Didn’t care until one dude in a Bikram Yoga class I was taking thought that was a good way to start the class. Idiot.

I could have told you that the Buffalo Bills weren’t going to be really competitive this season back in the lockout, but could they at least go find a few guys who can play offensive line. The coach says “we want to find out what they got.” Been pretty obvious from where I sits, um, not a whole lot.

Which with the fair shutting down, the weather starting to cool down, brings the reminder that summer is winding down. That is a pretty lousy thing for a season to do. Winter should try it sometime though, instead it hangs around like the party guest that doesn’t get the hint.

“whaddya mean there’s no more dip?”


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