“Oh Me, Oh My”

So, summer is winding down. I hate that. I guess all seasons have to, but for whatever reason, Winter seems like to loiter like a bad party guest, rummaging for more dip in the fridge when you just want to go up to bed. My informal exercise program this summer has included laps of the Erie Basin Marina and the Central Wharf. It was interesting to note the stage for the concerts was away for a time before returning for the last stand this weekend. I’ve partaken in the local outdoor shows with greater abandon this year and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. It’s a bit of a double-edged sword. Some arrive for the music, some arrive to just be there, and some just arrive.

While there are already a couple of nice indoor shows coming up for this music buff, the Great Big Sea show is something I’ve been looking forward to since June and somewhat of a curtain closer as well.

I like a good fun band outside, but the idea that one last trip to Artpark for the Machine’s Pink Floyd tribute show might need a jacket is an idea that I’m not quite adjusted to yet.

I know, anticipation of fall is a beautiful thing, but I just want one more beach trip or two in, before we call it a season.